From Rockets to Realism – GETTING REAL, an exhibition of new work by Jill Daisy Wood


an exhibition of new work by Jill Daisy Wood
Jill Daisy Wood was born Cambridgeshire, UK. All her working life has involved various fields of precision artwork.
At sixteen she began her training in an engineering drawing office and later worked as an illustrator, producing, among other things, highly-technical illustrations of sidewinder missiles for training manuals for the Royal Air Force. She moved to Perth in 1983, and worked as a graphic artist in local government before starting her own design company.
Parallel to her working life, her own time was spent studying and practicing fine art. Originally she worked in pen and ink and watercolor and showed and sold these works in local exhibitions. She began working in oils about seven years ago, for the last two years studying under the guidance and encouragement of Perth artist Ken Wadrop.
This exhibition presents Jill’s journey towards realism and her ambition to capture moments in time truthfully, in exact detail. The collection of over 40 landscape, still life and trompe l’oeil paintings demonstrates Jill’s disciplined ability to capture her subjects with precise expertise and her increasing skills as a realist painter.
Jill Daisy Wood – Getting Real
opens: 6:30pm Friday 10 March 2017
The exhibition runs from 10 – 26 March 2017 open 7 days, 10am – 4pm