Peter Davidson, Omomuki Paintings 2017

Peter Davidson studied at Claremont School of Art and ECU before going on to do his masters in Object Painting at UWA and PhD, ‘Towards an Idiosyncratic Calligraphic Vision in Painting, at the Australian National University.

He has lived in Japan for the past 15 years and fosters a connection between Western Australian artists and the artists of Kobe where he is based.

Your Omomuki approach to painting is very interesting and powerful I think. It’s interesting to me that after all your experimentation with the changeability of time and light you have arrived at these pieces where everything is distilled decisively into a kind of essence.  These pictures are very solid and definite.  They capture a scene and the features of a landscape and experience – but they are also very carefully “designed”, in the sense that a poet would choose the right word out of all of those available to communicate what s/he was trying to get at.  There is definitely a poetic bent to these works.

Dr Duncan McKay