Final weekend – Richard Coldicutt – exPOSE – ends 4pm Sunday 21 May 2017

This series of drawings and paintings pays homage to the history of a fundamental art practice known as ‘Life Drawing’ (drawing from live models). More personally this exhibition honours the models and performers who make this possible and offer their bodies for artistic scrutinization in support of this tradition.
For many individuals, presenting ones body for inspection by strangers is a terrifying act. Perhaps in a challenge to us all, the models featured in this exhibition are typically confident and empowered in their nudity. Poses are very often demanding both physically and mentally as performers negotiate the discomforts of remaining in strenuous, challenging and athletic positions for extended periods.
Life drawing is a highly ordered intense activity often belied by free-spirited line and gestural brushwork. These images are expressions of the sustained energy embodied in each pose; windows into the unique transaction between artist and model.

Richard Coldicutt, 2017